Full Council Extra Ordinary Meeting 22nd July 2020


Minutes of the Extra Ordinary Meeting of the Full Council held on 22nd July 2020 at 1.00pm via video conferencing.


Present: Cllr Terry Taylor (Chairman)


Cllr L Day        Cllr M Gibson              Cllr S Haddock           Cllr M Holland             Cllr T Kemp

Cllr E Lowe     Cllr L Marsh                Cllr D Mangion            Cllr B Rose                  Cllr K Wood                            


Also present: Mrs Y Smith (Town Clerk (TC)) Alan Chambers (SBP)


79.       Apologies


Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Wright (work)


80.       Declaration of Interest under the Localism Act 2011




81.Plan of action to enable spending of the Opening the High Streets Safely


Cllr Mangion proposed a working group with the Town Council, Business Partnership and himself as District Councillor plus other parties who were relevant.

Cllr Holland asked if there was enough time to set one up before the time elapses.

Cllr Mangion said that the group should report back within the week. The fund is about the safety of the town and the council has to see what the business need. He suggested something to keep people dry when queuing to go into shops.

Cllr Wood suggested having a form for the businesses to complete to say what they need to operate safely.

Cllr Mangion said that this would take longer and not all are members of the BP

Mr Chambers said the businesses should have safety things already in place before they opened. He agreed about something for when the weather breaks to keep people dry.

Cllr Taylor said the paths are not wide enough and suggested a one-way system

Mr Chambers said that sanitizing units were a possibility.

Cllr Holland said that sanitising stations, safety signs Government signs on lamps were needed and not to waste time on deciding.

He proposed that the TC obtains prices for sanitising stations and safety signs.

Mr Chambers said that he was keen to get corporate safety signs around the town and to put sanitising units out. He said that the units are £1000 each and are 4ft tall and use a 5 gallon drum of sanitiser at the cost of £35-65 and suggested that three would be enough and that they be placed at the Buttercross, Franklin statue and the public conveniences.

It was RESOLVED to form a Task Force

It was RESOLVED to have sanitising stations

Members of the Task Force will be;-

Mr Chambers

Cllr Mangion

Cllr Wood

Cllr Holland

+ a resident




The Chairman closed the meeting at 1.55pm