Full Council Meeting 28th May 2020


Minutes of the meeting of the Full Council held on 28th May 2020 at 7.05pm via video conferencing.


Present: Cllr Terry Taylor (Chairman)


Cllr M Gibson              Cllr S Haddock           Cllr M Holland Cllr E Lowe    Cllr D Mangion

Cllr L Marsh                Cllr B Rose                  Cllr K Wood     Cllr A Wright


Cllr L Day was unable to connect into the conference.


Absent Cllr T Kemp


Also present: Mrs Y Smith (Town Clerk (TC))

One member of the public


Cllr W Bowkett -County Councillor (LCC)had sent a written report which had been distributed to the Town Council.


48.       Apologies


None received. It was accepted that Cllr Day was not absent as she had tried to connect in.


49.       Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011.




50.       Changes to Committee


  1. It was RESOVLED to change the name of the Employment and Governance Committee to Finance and Policy Committee
  2. It was RESOVLED to form a separate Personnel Group to deal with personnel, disciplinary, grievance and appraisal reports.
  3. It was RESOLVED that Cllr Day, Cllr Marsh and Cllr Wright be the members of the Personnel Group
  4. It was RESOLVED to accept the Terms of Reference for the Finance and Policy Committee Group.
  5. It was RESOLVED to accept the Terms of Reference for the Personnel Group


51.Full Council Meetings and Committee Meetings Dates


It was RESOLVED to adopt the dates and times of Full Council and Committee Meetings


52.Notes of Meetings


  1. It was RESOLVED to accept the notes of the Full Council Meeting held on 23rd April 2020

as a true record

  1. It was RESOLVED to accept the notes of the Full council Meeting held on 23rd March 2020 as a true record
  2. It was RESOLVED to accept the notes of the Community Action held on 21st May 2020 as a true record


53.Reports from Town Mayor and Town Clerk


Mayor- The Mayor reported that he had very few duties. He had been at the unveiling of the new town sign donated by The Rotary Club of Spilsby and made and designed by Tong Engineering of Spilsby. He said that he had held the 2 minutes silence on VE Day with neighbours observing the social distancing rules.


Town Clerk- TC tabled 2 reports of the office activities.

It was RESOLVED that the 5p rent for Spilsby Recreation Ground would be waived and that the Recreation Ground be notified by email of the decision.

Assets and Land Values-TC reported that this had now been completed except for the allotments.

ACTION- TC to send a copy of the Council’s assets to the Councillors


53.Standing Orders and Financial Regulations


It was RESOLVED to approve Standing Orders and Financial Regulations


54.Annual Insurance


It was RESOLVED to accept the premium of £835.42 by BHIB Insurance Company.


55.Mayor’s Allowance


It was RESOLVED to approve the Mayor’s Allowance at £825.


56.Zoom Conferencing


It was RESOLVED to purchase the Zoom Package at £7.99 per month.


57.End of Year Accounts 2019/2020


It was RESOLVED to accept the end of year accounts for 2019/2020 and the Governance Statement.

Cllr Mangion Proposed that the Governance statement Section 2 of the AGAR should go to Finance for the forthcoming financial year.



The 40 minute free conference facility ended before the proposal could be voted on.


Meeting Closed at 7.40pm