Spilsby Town Council has 12 member Councillors. It is responsible for certain areas of land including the cemetery, allotments, TOC H land and the Boston Road Spinney. It is also responsible for the floral displays within the town, the play area on Ancaster Avenue Recreation Ground and the maintenance of St James' Churchyard and various other areas of grass cutting.

Meetings are held throughout the year except for August and December to which residents are welcome to attend.

The Community Action Committee look at ways to improve the town for both residents and visitors.

The Annual Town Meeting is the meeting where the Town Council report to its electorate on what it has accomplished in the preceding year. It must be held between 1st March and the 1st June (inclusive) each year on a date decided by the Town Council.

The 2021 meeting was delayed due to COVID-19 Covid Restrictions on public meetings and was eventually help on Friday, 10 September 2021 after certain restrictions were lifted.